UBER movement

We are excited to hear that Uber is providing access to Uber Movement data for research.
Uber Movement data (https://movement.uber.com/cities) are anonymized data from over 2 billion trips to help improve urban planning around the world.
These data allow us examining human mobility at a fine resolution in space and time helping our project for emergency evacuation planning.

University Transportation Center Grant

SDSU transportation group has been awarded a University Transportation Center grant as a part of consortium. Dr. Ghanipoor Machiani is the director of SDSU’s role in the consortium, and she will coordinate development activities conducted at SDSU. The center entitled the Safety through Disruption (Safe-D) University Transportation Center (UTC) endeavors to maximize the potential safety benefits of disruptive technologies through targeted research that addresses the most pressing transportation safety questions. The consortium is a unique partnership between Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), and San Diego State University (SDSU), who have teamed with the common belief that our transportation system is poised for an evolutionary leap. This transformation in surface transportation is viewed as an opportunity to profoundly improve the safety of the nation’s transportation system and its users. The Safe-D center will make progress towards this vision through a combination of research, education, and technology transfer activities. We hope to integrate some of the center activities to our IMEE project development

A Visit to the HDMA Center on 11/30/16

Professor Jianya Gong, Professor Wenxiu Gao, and Dr. Yuanzheng Shao visited the HDMA Center on 11/30/2016. Prof. Gong is the director of Wuhan University’s State Key Lab of Information Sciences in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing. Wuhan University, ChinaProf. Gao is Professor at the School of Architecture & Urban Planning, Shenzhen University.